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A peaceful sanctuary to find solace and reflect, as you navigate the difficult journey of grieving and healing after the loss of a loved one.


Columbary Vaults

Modern and eco-friendly structures for memorializing cremated remains. Our columbarium offers a grandeur inspired modern and contemporary architectural elements and sustainability. Providing a dignified and meaningful resting place for your loved ones. Explore our offerings and learn more about our majestic columbary vaults today.

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We are inclusive and fair, providing assistance without unnecessary charges, and offering compassionate support through every step and location. lorem ipsum dolor. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus.

Aeternitas Chapel

The Aeternitas Chapels and Columbarium is a nine (9) storey building with 3-level basement parking.
The building has a Gross Floor Area of 22,443.58 square meters.

Aeternitas is a state of the art full service memorial edifice lovated in Commonwealth, Quezon City with aggregate land area of 2,000 square meters with TCT Nos. 004-2016009626 and 004-2016009627 duly registered with the Registry of Deeds for Quezon City under the name of Eternal Bright Scantuary, Inc.

The Building shall be utilizing a sky-light roofing system that should allow natural light to flow into the building highlighting further its radiant beauty and intricate interiors.

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