Aeternitas Project

The Aeternitas Project is a prominent, imposing
and a fitting landmark in the area if only to become
a living tribute and an expression of our unbounding
love for our departed loved ones.

The edifice stands in all its beauty and grandeur
inspired by modern and contemporary
architectural elements.

It is carefully conceptualized and designed to be
a modern one-stop-shop death care facility with
a distinc and superb architectural design, using only
the latest state of the art equipment technology
can offer.

What is Aeternitas?

Aeternitas is the Roman Goddess who is the personification of eternity.

Aeternitas holds a torch, which represents the light of the (eternal) afterlife; phoenix represents immortality and longevity; the cornucopia representing endless abundance; the ourboros, the snake which bites its own tail, symbolizing the eternal cycles of time.

Testimony From Our Clients

10 out of 10. There's no question the property and amenities are very modern, it felt like staying in a hotel. We were all impressed by the staff's customer service skill. They were very responsive and attentive. They displayed utmost concern and were very fast in addressing our every needs. Special mention to Sally and JM, who are both excellent in their job. Our grieving process was made easier because of them. They made sure we were taken care of. Me and my family will definitely recommend Aeternitas.

Project Proponents

Eternal Bright Sanctuary Inc.

Project owner

Architect Yolanda D. Reyes

Principal Architect, PRC Commissioner

Metro Stonerich Corporation

General Contractor

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