Luxury Columbarium with Butler Service in Quezon City Offers Comfort and Elegance

In Quezon City, a unique concept is redefining the way we approach death and commemoration. Aeternitas Chapels and Columbarium, located near St. Peter Parish Church on Commonwealth Avenue, presents a blend of luxury and solace for grieving families.

The expanding death care industry in the Philippines has created a demand for innovative memorial spaces. The country witnessed a shift towards cremation due to the pandemic, leading to a shortage of burial spaces in urban areas and subsequently driving up costs. Aeternitas, with its serene ambiance and upscale offerings, enters the scene as a response to these evolving needs.

Aeternitas stands as a testament to the notion of celebrating life, rather than mourning death. The cream-colored building features an imposing stained-glass window depicting the Roman goddess Aeternitas, symbolizing eternal life. The interior exudes luxury, with Italian tiles and ample sunlight illuminating the space.

The edifice offers a sense of tranquility and sophistication. The hotel-like lobby, complete with live piano music, sets a calming tone. Pockets of potted plants evoke nature indoors, while floor-to-ceiling windows flood each room with sunlight. An inviting atrium adorned with café chairs and fresh foliage creates an atmosphere of relaxation.

What distinguishes Aeternitas is its commitment to luxury and personalized services. Funeral chapels on floors 2 to 6 offer verandas and LED Smart TVs for online streaming of wakes. Each chapel boasts modern art and hotel-grade bedrooms equipped with mini-kitchens and baths.

The uniqueness of Aeternitas extends to its deluxe services. A butler is available to serve as a personal assistant, catering to the needs of grieving families. A trained tribute planner offers guidance on arrangements, ensuring seamless funerals and wakes. The chapel manager and housekeeping team work together to maintain a neat and sanitized environment.

Orly Francisco, the visionary behind Aeternitas, draws inspiration from his own journey of turning adversity into opportunity. Growing up in Tondo, he harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, eventually thriving in the money remittance industry. His dedication to providing exceptional service stems from his belief in providing comfort during times of grief.

Aeternitas stands not only as a space of remembrance but also as a long-term investment opportunity. As the Philippines’ death care industry grows, Aeternitas’ commitment to innovation and compassion positions it as a beacon of solace for the departed and a haven of support for the living.

In a world where honoring life’s milestones takes precedence, Aeternitas emerges as a bridge between grief and celebration, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury and tranquility.

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