Aeternitas: Bridging Grief and Tribute in Quezon City’s Serene Columbarium

In the aftermath of COVID-19’s disruptions, entrepreneur Orly Francisco envisioned Aeternitas Chapels and Columbarium as a haven for grieving families in Quezon City. With a belief that commemorating lives is more vital than mourning their passing, Francisco established a serene, nine-story structure to provide solace and support.

Nestled along Commonwealth Avenue, the cream-colored Aeternitas building features an impressive stained-glass window depicting Aeternitas, symbolizing eternal life. The interior boasts Italian tiles, sunlit spaces, and an impending water feature, creating an atmosphere of comfort.

Aeternitas’ uniqueness lies in its deluxe services, offering tribute planners, dedicated staff, and chapel managers to support families during their time of need. By providing a seamless experience, Aeternitas enables families to focus on meaningful connections rather than logistical worries.

Francisco’s journey from a modest background to business success has driven him to make Aeternitas not just a sanctuary of remembrance but also a smart investment choice. As the death care industry grows in the Philippines, Aeternitas stands as a space where grief and investment converge, echoing Francisco’s enduring philosophy that solutions are found in the face of challenges, and life’s beauty persists even through sorrow.

for the full article by Francine Medina can be found here

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